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Megan is currently an undergraduate student at McGill University studying neuroscience. She joined the CoBrA Lab in May 2019 as an undergraduate research assistant.


Megan is working under the supervision of Chloe Anastassiadis, for Chloe’s Master’s project on the effects of dietary and exercise-based interventions in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. She is working on an extension of the project, helping to perform immunohistochemistry of the brain tissues of the mice. Megan is also under the supervision of Ph.D. students, Stephanie Tullo and Elisa Guma. Stephanie’s project is on mapping alpha-synuclein spreading and disease progression of Parkinson’s Disease, while Elisa is investigating how exposure to prenatal maternal immune activation affects offspring brain development.


Outside of the lab, Megan can be found exploring Montreal, visiting cafes and drinking coffee, watching either food or crime shows on Netflix, or enjoying naps!

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