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Medhinee Malvankar

PhD student

Medhinee joined the lab in August 2022 as a PhD student. She previously completed her Bachelors in Biotechnology, where her project was focused on Microbiology. During her Masters in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Dallas, she worked in Aging and Memory Research Lab, which pique her interest in neurodegeneration.

After her graduation, she joined Johns Hopkins University to work as a Research Specialist on Alzheimer’s Disease. At Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery, she tested drug efficacy and evaluated the spread of tau in seeded murine models of AD.

Currently she is working on the Parkinson’s project and is interested in investigating early biomarkers and developing a viable model to test therapeutics.

In her free time Medhinee enjoys reading fiction novels and watching sci-fi movies.

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