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Sara Touj

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sara joined the CoBrA lab in July 2022 as a postdoctoral researcher.


Sara completed her undergraduate engineering studies at INSAT in Tunisia and pursued a Master’s in Cognitive Neurosciences in France where she studied brain anatomy and its association with behavior. After her masters, she completed a PhD in biomedical science at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivieres, Canada. Throughout her PhD project, Sara investigated brain plasticity associated with behavioral alterations and pain sensitivity in a mouse model of early blindness. Her training allowed her to acquire different skills and techniques in rodents behavioral testing (Formalin, Von Frey, tail flick, hot plate, water maz, etc.) as well as in brain immunohistochemistry, and histological analyses. She also had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge in human and animal neuroscience and anatomy thanks to the courses she taught (Anatomy-pathology, Neurophysiology), the different international conferences, and the acquisition of several techniques related to basic neuroscientific investigation (human anatomical dissection, brain plasticity, chronic and acute pain underpinnings …). 

At the CoBrA lab, Sara will be investigating the potential treatments in a mouse model of Parkinson disease using longitudinal neuroimaging as well as cognitive and motor tests.


In her free time, Sara is a devoted mum to a 1 year old cute baby boy. She also enjoys cooking, exercising and travelling.

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